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Claim Post

This is where you come to claim your subject for comedyprompts

You can claim the general series of any of the shows which means you can use all characters from the show. Or you can choose a pairing, unconventional or conventional. That would mean both characters would need to be in all the fics though. You could choose one character. You could choose a place (ex. The Cafe) and lastly, you could choose a group, like 'The Gellars' which would be Monica and Ross from Friendsh. Oh and also seasons and alternate universes of the show too. Also threesomes too. Basically everything you can think of except [original characters] and [crossovers]. (subject to change)

Note: Because there are so many fandoms to choose from (see the list below), you may claim 2 claims but they have to be of 2 seperate fandoms (meaning there can't be more than one request for something in the same fandom).

Fandoms Allowed
Dharma & Greg
How I Met Your Mother
Two and a Half Men
Will & Grace

When submitting your claim, please use the following form:

Subject (ie character/season/pairing/general/group/etc):
Link To Table:

Don't forget that you have two weeks from the date that you are approved to submit your first fanfic for your claim.
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